Thanks for your positive feedback and your help thus far. I am excited! Was not sure of my progress. Distance was coming up a bit, maybe 10yds in the last month. Granted it’s getting a lot warmer. My Red SSR has been reading 105-108; then a few days ago I had a session where I saw a jump to 113-115mph..

Last night I played men’s league and had some CAREER drives, several 300-320, (here in CO, at 4600ft). Nearly all were in fairway. Until last month drives were in 270-280 range.

Not only that— I shot a career best 30 (-6) for 9 holes. Four birdies, thanks to shorter irons/wedges off of the longer drives. And a chip in for eagle—from next to green on a par five, on a hole I usually can’t reach in two..!

Just shows me what I suspected, that if I can gain ~20yds+ consistently it will help my scores a LOT. Already has. Needless to say we won our match..



Joel uses the following tools: SpeedBall / FacePlates / Lag Popper / Power Whip