Tour Tempo Tones at work!! Great golf swing from @ruralgolf

When you practice, Don’t just ‘beat’ balls...use tones and work on tempo/focus...which are crucial to performance ON the ⛳️

If you’re looking for more rotation and power in the golf swing check this sequence I did with the @purmotion_official OMEGA and then took that feeling to the tour tempo power air for some swings. @heydrrob and I love the omega and he gave me some great cues to use when training rotation/power....will post those vids soon! Rob is an incredible resource for training for power but also protecting your joints/spine during the process.

@_johngriffin__ it’s just one more toy you need😆. I first saw @jeff_flagg use the purmotion products and I’m a big fan of them....

#tourtempo #clubheadspeed #purmotiontraining