RECODING FOR POWER with John Novosel Jr.

Introduction: Shoulder Turn / Creating Width

Thoracic Rotation aka Shoulder Turn plus creating width in the backswing (using a simple band)

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Ben Hogan once said, “Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.”

I’ve discovered over the years that most (basically all) golfers have the same types of faulty movement patterns (Hogan was right). I would show the golfer the correct pattern and then they would do it. Problem Solved, right? Wrong! Even when I showed the golfer what to do and how to do it, and even when the golfer did the right movement in the drill, they would still go back to their old movement over a ball. I realized that I had to do more than just get the correct muscles to fire, I had to ‘LIGHT those MUSCLES UP’ with some type of resistance or external force to overcome. I call this RECODING.

Optimizing your swing – and in the process reap more distance and accuracy – requires you to Recode your Motor Patterns. When I did this with my students, changes would finally take place OVER THE BALL (that’s important:)

If you have questions about the Drills, please contact us. You can also send me a video of you performing a particular Drill and I will provide you feedback.

Tools Needed: You don’t need training aids for this series. You do need a medicine ball (or ball of some type such as a basketball) and some type of band that you can hook to a door or cable machine.

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When you go from 36/10 to 23/8, you go from 90/132 to......??



Unreal transformation in tempo/body/speed!! @fit_for_golf took this PGA tour player from 115ish chs to 122 through some great training in the gym!💪💪

What I love is the athleticism and faster tempo that naturally occurred as a result of gaining speed! His before tempo was 25/8. Anyone guess the new and improved tempo??

If you want to swing it faster you need to swing it faster🤔😜🚀🚀!!

Btw this video was created in the tour tempo frame counter app (free in iOS) and if you want to try swinging to the same rhythm and tempo of PGA tour players get the tour tempo total game app!👊🔥⛳️