SpeedBall® Speed Training

*Get warmed up physically (treadmill/bike/jump rope/mobility work)
*SpeedBall work is best done indoors (target might not stick, so make sure the environment doesn’t have anything breakable)

1st Set:
5-Iron Club (or Driver) with Basic Target:
80-90% Effort
4 L Drills (use Tour Tempo 2:1)
4 RH Only / 4 LH Only
4 Full Swings 90% (use Tour Tempo 3:1)

Y and L Drills


2nd Set:
5-Iron Club (or Driver) with Basic Target and Short Face Plate: 90-95% Effort
3 L Drills
3 RH Only / 3 LH Only
3 Swings Opposite (LH for a Righty)
3 Swings 90% (use Tour Tempo)

3rd Set:
Driver Club (or 5-Iron) with Basic Target and Long Face Plate: 100% Effort – Go all out on these swings!
5 Swings

4th Set:
Throw Off
5-Iron Club (Driver or LagWhoosher) with Short Face Plate Pre-Stuck (Power Whip can also be used with the SpeedBall Clubs in this drill.)
5 Swings

Throw Off

5th Set:
Driver Club (or 5-Iron) with Basic Target and Long Face Plate: 100% Effort – Go all out on these swings!
5 swings


Repeat sets 3-5 if you are maintaining speed or increasing speed during the session. You can also mix in some 100% 1 arm driver swings if your shoulders are healthy.

This workout should take 15-20 minutes and should not go longer than 30 minutes (not including warm up).

Do the Speed Training 2-4x per week.

Keep in Mind: Less is More. We are training for speed, not endurance. Keep these training sessions focused!

If possible, Keep track of swing speed with a SSR. You really need to track your speed while swinging for feedback of what is working!! … and to find out which arm is the weak link. We need to get both arms somewhat equal and to somewhat increase, this is a big key especially for better golfers. The Red SSR tends to give higher readings (which I like, because it gives you some confidence). The Blue SSR is probably more in line with FlightScope or Trackman for speeds. You should see your speeds increase within the first 2 weeks, contact me either way and let me know your progress.

Some days are better than others for speed, your goal is to see a steady increase over time, but know that some days might be one step backwards.

Try to keep your weight lifting sessions short as you don’t want to get tight or too much slow twitch fiber going during your speed window.

This training regimen is very flexible and NOT set in stone. If you find you can train every day (and increase in speed) and you aren’t sore, then DO IT! If you find that you need to only train twice per week, that is fine also. We’ve had a 61 year old train twice a day and get great results and I’ve seen others train twice per week with the same results.

Along those same lines, if you find that you’re ready to go 100% after your warm up, then go for it. If you have other drills you like to do, MIX them in.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and put together the perfect program for you. If you’re not the experimenting type, no worries, I got your back, but feel free to find what works for you based on this template. *****

Finally, We need to compare apples to apples. The end goal is to hit the ball farther. So, for our ‘BEFORE’ data we need:

– Avg. Ball Speed
– Avg. Carry
– Avg. Total
– Avg. CHS

Then when we start training with the SpeedBall (if you use a SSR), we want to see how we increase on the SSR device. After 2-3 weeks, once you’ve seen increases in your CHS, it’s time do to a test on the Launch Monitor and see where you are!