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Tour Tempo Total Game App

Get the app that helps you practice your tempo anywhere!

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Speedball Full Kit – Updated for 2024!


CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK: We hope to have more around March 15, 2024

$349.99 With Driver


The 5 iron full kit is available now for $249.99. The driver + 5 iron kit ($349.99) will be available in May 2024.

With the Current 5 iron kit: We include extra velcro that you can attach to an old driver, if you want to swing a longer club and hit the impact target.



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Power Tools Bat


Golf isn’t always as different from baseball as you may think!

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Ebook available for immediate download!

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Online Streaming Video Series by John Novosel Jr.

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Tour Tempo Speed – Swing Analysis


Personalized analysis of your swing and a roadmap to more speed and accuracy.

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Power Whip


The Power Whip enables you to create the Lag of a Tour Pro.

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Lag Popper

Without load, you can’t explode!

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