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Golf isn't always as different from baseball as you may think!

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Brooks Koepka’s Great Tempo

Congrats to Brooks Koepka on winning the 2023 PGA Championship! His tempo is just under [...]

Less Effort?

Sometimes less effort creates more speed! Check out this video below:   [...]

Taking video of your swing with Tour Tempo Total Game app

If you have an iPhone, and you have tried to take video of your swing [...]

Swing Speed Changes – They Happen!

I received the following question via email: What are your thoughts on loss of swing [...]


John, Thanks for your positive feedback and your help thus far. I am excited! Was [...]

Triggers With Tour Tempo Tones

I received an email recently from someone named Jeff using the Tour Tempo Total Game [...]

Loading the Trail Hip

I am continuing to work with John F. in New York via email. John ended [...]

Taking Changes to the Course – Part Deux

Let’s say your swing changes are starting to ‘hold’ and you’re hitting it well on [...]