Tsunami Bar Questions

Hope you are well. Some of your clients appear to snap the bar from a higher starting position with a shorter range of “snap” – while stronger clients appear to be snapping from a bit lower starting position with a longer, more explosive “snap” of the bar. Is this something you are teaching? Also, are you using the concept of the “unweighted” front foot into the “snapping” action? If so, how? Appreciate any insights you can share.

How PGA Club Pro Champion Ryan Vermeer Picked Up 15-20 Yards

Check out the phenomenal swing of the 2018 PGA Club Pro Champ, Ryan Vermeer. Ryan is going to be playing in a few PGA tour events this year and if he could add some speed to this beautiful swing, it will go a long way towards him making cuts. Currently on the PGA tour, there are 100 players that are at about 170 ball speed or higher!

How PGA TOUR player Chris Thompson picked up 20 yards (in an hour)

Ho hum, another golfer picked up 20 yards going thru the Tour Tempo Speed Training program. In this particular case, ‘another golfer’ just happens to be the PGA Tour Player, Chris Thompson, who already possesses good speed and a good swing. Note: the better the player, the better the swing, the more speed they have […]