The Tempo/Speed Conundrum

Let’s pretend you have 2 players. One is Rory McIlroy who swings 21/7 and one is an average golfer who also swings 21/7.

Rory’s CHS is 125 mph and the average golfer’s speed is 105 mph… for the sake of the argument, let’s say Rory and our golfer are the same size with the same arm length and using the exact same club.

The $64,000 question: Why does Rory swing 20 mph faster when both club heads travel the same distance in the same amount of time? And the corollary to this question: How can our players be divided into the three basic tempos (not counting the outliers) with such a great variety of swing speeds?

$64,000 answer:

Imagine we have a car race.

This is one of those dragster races, where they just drive straightaway towards a finish line.

Car A starts off slow and gradually picks up speed and towards the finish line hits the turbo boost.

Car B starts off faster, hits top speed early and starts to slow down a touch as he crosses the finish line.

Both cars get to the finish line in exactly 7 seconds.

When car A gets to the finish line, it is going 125 mph.
When car B gets to the finish line, it is going 105 mph.

It’s auto racing, it’s about elapsed time to the finish line.
BUT…. In golf it’s about ‘how fast are you going when you cross the finish line’?

This solves the riddle!

You might even see a 24/8 swing that has more CHS than a 21/7 swing…. Why? Because ‘it’s how you cross the finish line’

That being said, if a golfer is swinging 33/11 and he starts swinging 24/8, he’s going to pick up some serious CHS, because he’s loading faster, taking advantage of SSC, and getting to the finish line much faster.

Bottom Line: The greatest and fastest players of all time have employed Tour Tempo in their swings. You can easily try the 4 different tempos and find the tempo that produces the best speed for you. That will increase your speed. If you still want more speed, then you need to take a look at how you load and unload and use the Tour Tempo Speed tools to teach your body to cross the finish line with maximum speed!

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The Power Whip enables you to create the Lag of a Tour Pro.

The Power Whip enables you to create the Lag of a Tour Pro.

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Online Streaming Video Series by John Novosel Jr.

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    • John Novosel Jr. says:

      The ratios are tempo ratios exhibited by Tour Pros. For example, if the backswing takes 21 frames of video to complete and the downswing takes 7 frames to complete, we call that ratio – 21/7.

      You can learn more at

      SSC = Short Stretch Cycle

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