Taking video of your swing with Tour Tempo Total Game app

If you have an iPhone, and you have tried to take video of your swing while using the Tour Tempo Total Game app, you may have noticed that it shuts the sound off. There’s a trick to get around this though!

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone and make sure it’s set to Photo, and not Video
  2. Switch over to the Tour Tempo Total Game app and select the tones you want to practice to
  3. Go back to the Camera app
  4. Press and hold the shutter button and slide it to the right
  5. This will start taking video immediately, with the sound still coming from your phone

Taking video of your swing when you practice is super important, because the old saying “feel is not real” is true. And practicing to the Tour Tempo tones is crucial too. So now you can do both!

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