Taking Changes to the Course – Part Deux

Let’s say your swing changes are starting to ‘hold’ and you’re hitting it well on the range with the ‘new’ swing…..however, you’re not able to take that range game to the course.
Here are some ideas to bridge that gap between the range and the course:
  1. Dial in your tempo – Find your tempo on the range, try the 2 or 3 different sets of tones and settle on the one that produces the best results.  Once you have your tempo, let’s say it’s 21/7, then work on some ‘block’ sessions on the range, where you hit shot after to shot to the 21/7 tones.  Once that is all second nature, start to work towards sessions where you hit a shot or 2 with the tones, then take a different club/different target and hit without the tones.  You can find the right mix where you do 1-2 shots with tones, then 1-2 without tones.  Those swings should feel the same mentally, no focus on mechanics, just feeling the wholeness of the swing with the tempo.    Then, when you go to the course, you are using that same ‘tempo wholeness’ feeling to swing the club.
2.   Figure out if you’re the type of golfer that needs an exact target, or do you play better by being more abstract.  First try this on the range, pick an exact target and swing to that target, then hit a shot ‘in the general direction’ of a target, but not dialing in on exactness.  See which focus gets you to swing/hit with more freedom, power and accuracy.
3.  Put some pressure on your practice.  Hit with a buddy on the range and create pressure situations, this will help you when you invariably have pressure on the course.
4.  Understand pre-shot routine.  Work on a routine that is 2 pieces.  First, take in all the details to ‘create’ the shot: distance, club, wind, trajectory, shot shape, etc….Second, what are you going to do as you get over the ball?  waggles, etc…Doesn’t have to be perfect every time, but you need a road map to trigger.
5. Create a trigger.  This will help when you get under pressure.  I prefer a lower body trigger like Rory and Gary Player.  But you could use your thumb like Jordan or Sergio.  Anything will do, but you need a trigger!!
Give these all a try to create your best golf!

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