Swing Speed Changes – They Happen!

I received the following question via email:

What are your thoughts on loss of swing speed on certain days? Example, was getting it going 103-106few days back with ball speeds 152-155 or so, now down to 96-100 again with speeds 140-145. This is inside on a GC quad.

Here is my answer:

It’s crazy!! Yes, swing speed fluctuates like the Stock Market. The goal is to have it generally ’trending’ over months. Also, I’ve been victim (personally) of something called indoor syndrome: less speed indoors depending on the environment. So, you just keep up the program and look for that trend.

That being said: if you continue to decline/plateau, then we need to change your program. So let’s say you had an off session or 2, then you got well rested/feel great and you’re still ‘down’, then we need to look at all aspects of your program and change things like:

– training aids
– volume
– drills
– working out in the gym

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