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Additionally, here are the key components to help you play better golf and shoot lower scores:

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If you want even more speed and power, check out the tools and training videos on this site. They can help you, too.

See how I helped Blake gain 50 yards!

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The Tour Tempo Total Game app is at the heart of everything we do.

“Good golly miss Molly!!! I have spent thousands of dollars over 40 years on all kinds of gadgets, swing improvements. You name it – I’ve likely spent money on it. As I was approaching 50, I committed to getting my HC from 12 to scratch. After thousands on lessons and ~500 balls a day, I got to 4.6, suffering subsequent injuries that has now limited the amount I can play or practice. Over the last two years, I’ve lost ~10-20 yards on every club and the HC climbed to >6.5. Till today that is!!! The Tour Tempo Total Game app is absolutely the best $30 I have ever spent. I hit 200 balls on the range. PW through 5i has picked up at least 20 yards and my driver now back to ~250!!! What was truly remarkable was how a simple 21:7 ratio allowed me to work the ball again…L —> R and R —> L. BTW…all I hear is the three tones and it’s been 3 hours. Do they go away?!! Haha! Thanks John!” – Sent by Nolan in the US

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Speed Tools and Training

Get the app that helps you practice your tempo anywhere!


Personalized analysis of your swing and a roadmap to more speed and accuracy.


Online Streaming Video Series by John Novosel Jr.


IMPACT/RESISTANCE TRAINING FOR VELOCITY The 5 iron full kit is available now for $249.99. The driver + 5 iron kit ($349.99) will be available in the fall 2024. With the Current 5 iron kit: We include extra velcro that you can attach to an old driver, if you want to swing a longer club and hit the impact target.    

Ebook available for immediate download!


The Power Whip enables you to create the Lag of a Tour Pro.