How PGA Club Pro Champion Ryan Vermeer Picked Up 15-20 Yards

Check out the phenomenal swing of the 2018 PGA Club Pro Champ, Ryan Vermeer.

His before data:

Tempo: 24/8
CHS: 111 mph
Ball Speed: 163-165 mph
Carry/Total: 285/305

Ryan is going to be playing in a few PGA tour events this year and if he could add some speed to this beautiful swing, it will go a long way towards him making cuts. Currently on the PGA tour, there are 100 players that are at about 170 ball speed or higher!

We have the ‘before’ data, time to get to work.

We started with the following tools:

• Tsunami Bars
• LagMan
• Body Prep Movements (not shown)

Now that we have him moving, it was time for the SpeedBall with ‘Face Plates’. We didn’t need to touch (improve) his swing, so it was a matter of just prepping and then unleashing. The SpeedBall/Face Plates give you the perfect amount of safe resistance so you can swing hard and your body/subconscious have to recruit more fast twitch muscles to overcome said resistance. You can’t just make ‘air’ swings, you have to have the correctly applied resistance to make these gains.

After doing SpeedBalls, I then put him on a new prototype speed training aid I’ve developed based on our Throwoff drill. This new ‘flexible throwoff’ gets the golfer to feel what it takes to flex/stress the shaft and then swing as fast as possible against a mild resistance. Ryan actually gets the Red tail to Throw off which really gives him the feel of building speed!

Once we went thru these, we then added some Lag Poppers to get his backswing moving. Ryan’s backswing is basically flawless, but for most golfers, the LP backswing gets them to feel something totally different, by creating a centrifugal force that loads the body and the shaft.

Now, time to hit again, the results were crazy considering we didn’t change his swing and we did all of this in about an hour.

Tempo: 21/7
CHS: 115-117
Ball Speed: 170-172
Carry/Total: 300/320

Ryan sums up his experience:

If you’re interested in creating some speed and adding 15-20+ yards, then hit us up! If you’re interested in getting on a program for 2019, check out our Tour Tempo VIP Golf Schools and also our Tools. Make 2019 the year you start to unleash! It won’t happen with practice swings, you need correctly applied resistance and that’s exactly what all of our tools give you!

One last note: All of our products and protocols are work. You don’t gain crazy speed by just swinging or hitting balls, you have to work. So, if you don’t want to work for it, our stuff might not be for you. However, if you do enjoy working towards something, if you enjoy the process, you will absolutely love the tools and the work. Plus, as a huge bonus, the tools are really fun to use!


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