How Patrick Simard gained (gulp) 10 mph of ball speed (in an hour)… which translated into increasing his carry distance 20+ yards!!

In last week’s episode, I boldly made the claim that if you’re not a PGA tour player and your ball speed was under 170 mph, then it would be easy for me to get you that increase in speed and distance.

Patrick Simard, a 32 year old mini tour player (played collegiately for Ohio State), was going to put that theory to the test because:

He isn’t on the PGA tour (but he’s close)
His ball speed is below 170 (167-168 mph)

I love a good challenge and testing my theories/devices/protocols with great players gives me the upmost confidence that I can help anyone. As always, we always start with where you are now.

Let’s take a look at Patrick’s ‘Before’ data:

CHS: 112-114 mph
Ball Speed: 167-168
Carry: 282 yards
Tempo: 21/7

These numbers would put him in the middle of the pack on the PGA tour. So, not bad. But, in today’s game, that extra speed and distance translates into lower scores. Patrick was motivated in gain the speed.

I took him through a tailor made protocol similar to what PGA tour player Chris Thompson did to pick up 20 yards.

We started with the Lag’n’Drag/Lagmeister/Coachwhip (names from readers) and went from overload (red tail) to overspeed, just the rope at the end.

This prototype product (hope to be selling it soon, check back in about a week) gives you resistance plus a great feeling of lag. It also creates a timing/sequence element because if you jerk on it the red tail won’t flow. When you take the tail off, you get the ‘6th Sense’ effect, where your subconscious mind hears the piercing noise of the rope and instead of swinging ‘harder’ to make a higher pitched noise, your body instinctively swings faster. The flex of the shaft and the tiny resistance of the rope are a great 1-2 combo!

Now that Patrick is fired up, I put him on the SpeedBall with the Face Plates. He loved this product and specifically likes the feel of impact and knowing where impact is. When you do speed training, you need resistance and you need to HIT something. This tells your body “get ready, we are about to take impact.” Your body naturally braces and recruits more muscles to apply maximum force to the collision!

His speeds were up into the 120’s with the SpeedBall, so it was now time to get out the real club and ball. What I want to see at this point is:

Increased chs
Increased ball speed (if you don’t increase ball speed, you’re not hitting it farther)

Like I said before, this is becoming easy 🙂

CHS: 118-120 mph – 6-8 mph INCREASE!
Ball Speed: 175-180 mph – 10 mph INCREASE
Carry: 306 yards – 24 yard increase!!!
Tempo: 21/7

I love his response after he put up 179.5 ball speed (oh yah!)

Then I interviewed him after and he had some great thoughts:

I’m excited to see how he does as he plays tournaments in 2019!

If you want to make 2019 the year you add 20, 30 and even 40 yards, give me a shout through our website, the Tour Tempo Speed Training is producing tremendous gains!! Don’t take my word for it… listen to Patrick! or Chris, or Ryan…

Still to come, a follow up from Chris’ boditrak data and I take another mini tour player through a ridiculous increase!


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