How I helped John fly the ball 50 yards further!

John Fischer and I started working together online late last year. John is an avid recreational golfer, carrying a 14 handicap at the time, and he was looking to hit the ball farther. John had a very typical club speed of mid 90s and ball speeds in the 130s.  After taking lessons for several years, he could carry the ball with his driver around 235 yards on a good swing.

When I see these what immediately comes to mind is:

– how tall is he?
– how much does he weigh?
– how old is he?

Because if he’s over 5’10” and 165 pounds and under the age of 50 and in decent physical shape, then those numbers are indicative of a swing problem (not a speed problem).  And yes, John had a swing problem which leads to speed problem.

The next thing that comes to mind is how well (or poorly) is he loading the 4 power sources:

– hips
– core
– arms
– wrists

Turns out he wasn’t loading any of them well.

The current paradigm for speed is to swing as ‘hard as you can’ with some type of lightweight implement.  But if you don’t load the system, and he wasn’t, you can swing til the cows come home and not gain speed.

I’d like to rewrite the paradigm:
– Load the 4 power sources
– Learn to handle the collision
– NOW bring in speed work

John came to Kansas to work with me to put it all together, and his gains were insane.  He hit a ball 286 yards in the air…that’s carrying the ball 50 yards further than when we started!!

Here is what John has to say:

“I decided that at 44 years old, and having played golf throughout my life, I wanted to see if I could learn to hit the ball further. I was unsure if I was physically capable of hitting a golf ball significantly further, but I started working with John Novosel, Jr and using the Tour Tempo Speed tools to see what I could do .

Flying a ball 50 yards further than I was used to doing instantly changed my perspective and my goals. I’ve recently hit the ball in places I never had before on courses I’ve played countless times, and I haven’t lost any accuracy. Not only am I hitting my driver longer, but I’ve gained length with my fairway woods and irons too. I am excited to keep working with the tools, put it all together, and be a better golfer for the rest of my life.”

Here are the tools we used:

RECODE For POWER – we had to get those power sources loaded up before we did anything else

Lag Popper – to open up some slings and put energy into the system

Speedball – to add resistance so you can wake the body up and learn to swing through the impact and handle that collision.

Tour Tempo Total Game App – to synch up the tempo and learn to swing faster while still in rhythm

Check out my Instagram video about how John learned to carry the ball 50 yards further below! (your results may vary)

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