Going from using the App to playing on the course

I recently received this email from a customer of the Tour Tempo Total Game App.

“I purchased the app, and it has helped me tremendously. My question, what’s the best way to wean myself from using the app on the course? When I’m using the app, I hit it great, and if I turn the app off, I don’t hit it as well. Since it’s not legal to use it in tournaments or money matches any suggestions would be welcome.”

Here is my answer:

“Thanks for purchasing and glad to hear it has been helpful!

RE: taking it to the course – Get warmed up on the range (no tones), then use your current full swing tempo for 5 shots.  Get your baseline where you feel like ‘ok, it’s feeling in sync’
then try the following protocols:
on the range:
– hit 2 balls without tones, then 1 ball with (to regain the feeling), you can play with this ‘ratio’
– listen to the tones, then step up and hit a ball with no tones
– try a faster or slower tempo for a few shots (won’t be easy), then use no tones and hit a few (trying to rekindle YOUR tempo) also probably don’t do this one before an important round
on course:
– ‘play’ the tunes in your head
– ‘play’ the tunes in your pre-shot routine
– ‘play’ the 2nd and 3rd tones when you swing
at home:
– listen to the tones/tracks in the car
– listen to the tones/tracks/alpha waves while relaxing/before you go to sleep
Hope all that helps!!  keep me posted

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