Can You Increase Speed at 53?

Greetings John,

I really enjoyed reading the book Tour Tempo and I love how it smoothed out my swing. What I am curious about is at 53 yrs young can I increase my speed and distance, without losing my smooth tempo? Can this be achieved with your speed tools and/or will new training throw off my tempo?

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Thanks for the kind words and Great Questions!

Can you increase speed at 53?

Absolutely! I’ve found that speed is a coachable/learnable SKILL and any golfer at any age can increase speed and power in the golf swing.

without losing smooth tempo?

Absolutely! That is the beauty of the Tour Tempo tones. You can use the tones during your training for speed to maintain your rhythm.

Can this be achieved with your speed tools and/or will new training throw off my tempo?

In order to create more speed (without losing tempo) the golfer must make mechanical changes (you can’t just swing ‘harder’… well you can, but see my note below). The Tour Tempo Speed Tools help the golfer to make those changes and at the same time create a ‘resistance element’ that helps the golfer recruit more muscle/power for more speed. Again, we must incorporate the Tour Tempo tones into this training so that rhythm is maintained.

You bring up a great point about speed training which I find is a problem with other methodologies: As a golfer, you don’t want to just swing ‘harder/faster’ to gain your speed. You know that if you try to ‘get crazy’ with your swing, you won’t hit it solid, you’ll hit it offline and you won’t be consistent… plus to your point, you’ll lose your tempo. (Most golfers do need to ‘let go’ and the training tools especially the speedball allow the golfer to swing free, which is different from swinging ‘hard.)

So, we need to create a better golf swing, a golf swing that utilizes the power sources of the body and recruits properly. When you make these changes with great tempo, the results will be more speed and better accuracy, the winning combination in golf.

Golf Strong,

John Novosel Jr.
Tour Tempo Speed

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