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How Patrick Simard gained (gulp) 10 mph of ball speed (in an hour)… which translated into increasing his carry distance 20+ yards!!

In last week’s episode, I boldly made the claim that if you’re not a PGA tour player and your ball speed was under 170 mph, then it would be easy for me to get you that increase in speed and distance. Patrick Simard, a 32 year old mini tour player (played collegiately for Ohio State), […]

How Mike Garden Gained 15 mph of Ball Speed and 30+ Yards (in about an hour)

As a loyal reader, you know that my MO is to help golfers create speed and hit the ball farther than they ever dreamed. Over the years, I’ve seen speed and distance move to the forefront of all golfer’s minds as speed/distance creates: lower scores more efficient/better use of the body (better feel to the […]